Why Immersion?

Immersion is the first purpose built after school program focused on academic objectives while utilizing the latest augmented reality technology to make learning engaging and fun.

Our afternoons are divided into 4 rotations: Augmented Reality Classroom,  Augmented Reality Traverse Wall area, IXL guided learning plans and Study Rooms. Read on for more details.

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The classroom is the core of our afterschool program. In this room, we use augmented reality to enhance common core aligned education and keep learning fun. Click the video to the left to watch a brief interaction.

Augmented Reality Results


Increase in Student Learning


More Engagement


Boost in Teacher Performance

Augmented Reality Traverse Wall Area

This area and rotation is much more than our Augmented Reality Traverse Climbing Wall. It also includes a 20'x20' bounce house, magnetic white board, peg board, pixel board and a freestanding feature known as the water wall/marble run. This feature allows children to socially interact to build social and cognitive skills.

See our Augmented Wall in Action

This is just the augmented reality portion of the rock wall. We have an entire curriculum book for education activities we do with students on the wall.

IXL Learning

IXL is used by school districts nationwide for learning and assessment in core math and reading areas while being 100% aligned with common core academics.

IXL is used on iPads in our facility. It is an individual learning activity with teacher guidance. So far, we have seen children learning at a minimum of twice the pace of expectations against common core for their grade level.

Study Rooms

Our final rotation for the afternoon is our Study rooms which also double as party rooms on the weekends. They are a fun environment to get school work done so that you don't have the hassle at home! Our teachers are available for homework help.


We are not taking new registrations for this program. This program will be discontinued at the end of May.