Augmented Reality Math

Immersion offers augmented reality math classes starting at 5 pm each weekday for grades 1-5. These classes have a maximum size of 12 students and there is a minimum enrollment of 4 students.

Many students struggle with math but it doesn't need to be that way. An engaging, social, physical environment can and does help learning outcomes increase by 86%. Our augmented reality learning system has a research backed and proven track record of elevating educational success for students.

To keep students excited we pair 30 minutes of math with 20 minutes of bounce house and augmented reality rock wall activities after their math session. This encourages each student to continue their education journey.


The video to the left is an example of how children interact in an augmented reality setting. Give us a call or send an email for your first free session.

Augmented Reality Results


Increase in Student Learning


More Engagement


Boost in Teacher Performance

Augmented Reality Traverse Wall Area