Q.What are the hours of operation?
A. During the week our hours of operation follow the bell schedule of the schools we serve. We pick students up when their school gets out (regular days, minimum days, teacher services days) and require pick up before 6 pm. A late fee will be assessed to your account if your child is picked up after operational hours. For more details, please see the parent handbook. For weekends we are open based on parties that are booked.

Q. What happens if I am delayed at work and I'm using after school education?
A. If you are delayed at work, please call the Center at 916-226-1785. You will be charged a late for for any pickups after 6pm. For more details, please see the parent handbook.

Q. Will my child be provided a snack at after school education?
A. Snacks are not provided by the Center but food, snacks and drinks are available for purchase at Rose Cafe' and Bagel next door. We will walk your child next door between academic rotations if needed. Drinking fountains are available in the Center for water as well as a bottle filler. Your child is also welcome to bring their own snacks and or drinks.

Q. Is this facility/business licensed under California regulations?
A. We are considered and operate like a tutoring center. We are not licensed and are not required to be licensed by the State.

Q. Will there be transportation for after school education?
A. Yes, transportation is included in the base tuition.

Q. Does the after school education program align with the school schedules?
A. Yes, the program operates on the school schedule including all minimum days. Days students do not attend public school our center will be closed for standard tuition rates.

Q. Do you offer services on school holidays/days off from school?
A. Services for non school days are available for an additional fee.

Q. What’s the age range for the entire program?
A. Our services are focused on grades 1-4 but we do accept 5th graders as well. Student ages range from 6-10, approximately.

Q. What schools/districts do you service?
A. Roseville City and Dry Creek.

Q. Are there quiet places set aside for children who don’t want to participate in larger activities?
A. We like for the children under our care to be fully comfortable. If your child is not comfortable participating in certain in our larger activities there are areas where they can sit and have time to themselves.

Q. What’s the staff-to-student ratio?
A. Staff to student ratio varies on the amount of children that we are serving. Typically, each staff will have a group of children about the size of an elementary school class.

Q. What are dates the program operates?
A. Our program operates for the month of August through month of May inclusive of the first few days in June if the school calendar includes admittance days in that month. There is no fee for the month of June provided your child has been enrolled during the month of May.


Q. What is the price for my child to attend? Can I pay weekly?
A. All fees are paid weekly. We accept check, ACH and Credit Card. All payments are due before the first day of the week and your child will not be picked up or admitted if fees are not paid. Please contact us for the rate sheet for current rates and transportation costs. If service is not paid in advance, and you'd like to continue service a late fee will be charged in addition to tuition and no refund for missed days will be provided.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?
A. If in the event you need to cancel service, you may cancel at the end/beginning of the week without penalty.